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May 28, 2019
Vegan Food Is Real Food

Easy Lemon Donut Holes  crazyforcrust.comI’m so deeply in love with lemon this time around of the year, which easy lemon donut holes really are a perfect method to satisfy my urges!

Okay, so before we begin to discuss these amazing and quite simple (like, make in a couple of minutes) lemon donut holes, I wish to let you know about the travesty that became of me earlier this weekend.

I’m from perfume, and so i headed towards the mall to obtain more. I’ve been putting on Dream by Gap since i have was 16. It’s been my signature scent for 25 years, aside from the short time I flirted with something pink and fruity smelling from Victoria’s Secret. Anyway, I couldn’t think it is, and so i requested the sales lady where it had been.

It’s been stopped. Stopped.

Yeah. I understand. Total travesty, right? Like, I gasped so noisy I scared Jordan (not joking – it had been the ugly gasp hands-over-mouth and everything). It’s…like…I have no idea what to do came from here.Easy Lemon Donut Holes Except maybe to Amazon . com to purchase in the relaxation of the stock. I mean…perfume shopping? At 36? Really? Do people do this? I’m lost.

Also? #firstworldproblems

Anyway, let’s talk easy lemon donut holes!

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My mom’s neighbor includes a Meyer lemon tree. My mother-in-law includes a lemon tree. I've lemon virtually anytime I see each side from the family. (Are you currently jealous?) Following the richness from the holidays, I’ve been totally craving lemon. This is actually the first (of the couple of) quality recipes I’m discussing along with you!

Which is, undoubtedly, the simplest. It begins with Pillsbury Grands biscuits.lemon-pound-cake-1-words Cut them in quarters, fry them into donut holes. They are covered in 1 of 2 lemon toppings: Lemon Sugar or Lemon Glaze.

The Lemon Sugar is sort of a cinnamon dusting, with no cinnamon. There’s zest within the sugar and also the tastes meld very well together. The Lemon Glaze is made from powdered sugar and freshly squeezed lemon juice (if you're able to use Meyers, get it done, they’re so great!). Create a batch of either or both and you've got a sweet and tart breakfast or dessert!

These could be good with frozen treats. Or whitened chocolate sauce. Or simply since your perfume is stopped and you’re depressed and want a donut hole.

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