Golden fruit cake recipe

February 17, 2022
Golden Fruitcake Recipe | King

I adopted the recipe as mentioned, with a mixture of dark and golden raisins and currants for that raisins. I acquired 3 8x4 inch loaves. The cakes have been in the oven now. Like a couple of testers stated, they appear to consider longer to bake than what's within the recipe. Super easy plus they smell amazing!

This can be a wonderful recipe which i have using during the last 3 years You've won within the "I personally don't like fruitcake crowd". I personally use my very own fruit combination but no citron whatsoever. I mix the batter within my Kitchenaid (a dual batch) then transfer to some huge stainless bowl and labor over integrating the fruit and nuts. Use foil pans in most cases get 6 loaves along with a small loaf in my husband to nosh on. I have made 2 batches this season with yet another to visit. Preparing the fruit for overnite isn't any large deal. In Shall We Be Held sift &lifier premeasure all elements. The toughest part delays to allow them to ripen. This season I made use of apricot brandy. Baking time is lengthy since i have have only one oven...but that doesn't deter me. Buddies and family really request should i be which makes them again this season. (My sister in law states "We only hopeInch to her closest friend Sandy) Don't hesitate to test it. Thanks King Arthur to have an outstanding recipe!

This can be a wonderful recipe, simple to prepare and that i haven't found one individual who didn't love the fruitcake.

OUTSTANDING ! I really like the wintertime holidays for that Pumpkin Cake, Mincemeat Cake &lifier Fruitcake. It's my job to make from scratch aside from Fruitcake, not this season. I favor my quality recipes in grams to prevent the problem from the first poster and cut the prep time. This cake is light having a great mouth feel, not too hard dried out form of commercially made.

I attempted this recipe for that first time - it sampled great. However the cake arrived on the scene all crumbly. Couldn't obtain a single slice out - it might just crumble. What did I actually do wrong?
There must be a great proportion of fruit to cake here - usually if your baked good is crumbly an excessive amount of flour or flour measurement may be the reason. Make sure to stir, sprinkle in to the calculating cup then level - rather than gathering the measure in to the container of flour then progressing. Irene@KAF />

Traditional fruitcake quality recipes use molasses. Has anybody attempted to substitute brown sugar for that sugar within this recipe?
There's singleOr4 cup of sunshine corn syrup within the recipe, not molasses. Brown sugar will be a nice substitute. Betsy@KAF/>

Used to do in the fruit in regards to a day . 5 early: golden raisins, dried red grapes, dried apricots, crystallized ginger root and dried cherries in brandy and Irish whiskey (never could stand candied fruit). When my boy got home from college, we assemble it. A very simple, straightforward recipe. Used to do use nearly half whitened wheat grains flour, but anything else was based on the recipe. Did a number of pan dimensions, not to mention could not wait to test it! Even without its additional Irish whiskey bath, the small 3" cake we decimated only agreed to be super! It will likely be difficult to wait a couple of days as the others age a little, but it is all within the Spirit of Christmas, right? Easier to give than receive :-/ ? Maybe you will see time for you to make another batch!? It's another KAF keeper!

Really fantastic recipe. I'd up utilizing an orange flavored brandy to increase it, also it aged wonderfully during the period of a few days. I certainly prefer this golden cake to some typical more dark British fruitcake.

I BAKED THIS CAKE And It Was TOLD, BY A Lot Of They "Didn't LIKE FRUIT CAKE" The Wedding Cake WAS FANTASTIC/. The ORDERS ARE Arriving, Are You Going To BAKE 2 CAKES For Me Personally, I Do Not CARE What It Really COSTS, PLEASE Simply Do IT/. WELL I Am A Senior Along With A GUY At This, SO LADIES Create A BELIVER From SOMEONE, Used To Do.

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