Fruit Cocktail cake Recipes

July 26, 2018
Home cooked fruit cocktail

I did previously get this to cake when my children were little over 3 decades ago and lost the recipe. It's wonderful! I added yet another large can of fruit cocktail, drained, additionally towards the 15 ou...

If you want fruit and chocolate combined, it's an excellent recipe. It's very tasty. I have had a lot of mixed reviews. Many people just can't stand the flavour. However I did, therefore it got 5 stars.
The ...

I had been searching for a fruit cake recipe which emerged within the list. I adopted the recipe to some T also it switched out fine, however i think it is strange. It tastes (and appears) just like a large chocolat...

I have not made fruit cake before which switched out great. I transformed the can of fruit and used the candied fruit you purchase within the store and added the juice in the fruit cocktail and allow it to s...

I've got a mattress and breakfast coupled with guest who had been lactose-intolerant. I chose to make this cake and wasn't sorry. Husband thought it sampled a little like carrot cake and did not enjoy it, however the visitors devoured...

Chose to make this recipe just as written aside from departing the walnuts since i hate them. So scrumptious, we capped it with whipped cream. All 7 people gobbled up! Great recipe.

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