Cake Recipes with fruit

September 19, 2022
Fruit-Topped Angel Food Cake

"Note: if you would like the fruitcake to possess a Rum/Brandy taste you should utilize the Rum in your cake. Soak the fruit/nuts overnight within the Rum. This is a link telling how you can perform the fruitcake. Additionally a hint. Following the holidays Walmart usually puts the candied fruit on purchase. I purchase the fruit then for the following years fruitcake and store it within the freezer. I make my fruitcakes in This summer or August for that holidays. After 2 several weeks to do exactly what the link below informs you to definitely perform the I double wrap them in foil within the cheese towels which are still wet using the Rum and make the freezer. I additionally use more fruit, like dried dates, apple, apricots &lifier red grapes. I additionally add cinnamon, clove, allspice &lifier nutmeg to taste. Soaking all of the fruit particularly the dried fruit helps make the cakes very moist. Irrrve never make use of the citrus candied fruit because it provide a bitter taste I do not like. I double the amount recipe where I'm able to use more fruit. It's my job to make 4-5 fruitcakes at any given time.

this can help.5 stars due to soaking the fruit perfectly.Inch

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