Fruit and Nut cake recipe

August 28, 2023
Winter Fruit and Nut Cake

The recipe I have been looking for. I place in the same weight of various nuts and fruits...I really like candied pineapple and cherries. I figured there would not be enough batter after i was mixing, bu...

excellent! we chopped the nuts to really make it simpler to chop later. i managed to get two times and varied the nuts and fruits maintaining your pound amounts exactly the same. we loved the cake only held the nuts a...

I am so glad I re-discovered this recipe. I did previously allow it to be some 3 decades ago, however i had lost the recipe.
This really is fast and scrumptious. Great for those who state that they do not like fruitcake. The...

This is actually the recipe my hubby requests every Christmas. I frequently alter the fruit and nuts, ensuring you will find always 4 pounds of fruit and three pounds of nuts. This recipe makes 3 large...

Finally found this recipe! My Mother, being from Dallas chose to make this fruitcake each loved ones has loved it, but it absolutely was lost within the shuffle of years..Thanks!

Certainly one of my aunties chose to make this a long time ago, and mother lost the recipe.. so thought it was a few years ago, and managed to get 4 occasions the recipe.. that we came, and that i spent hrs cracking individuals nuts.

Fruit And Nut Cookies Recipe Video
Fruit And Nut Cookies Recipe Video
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Fruit and Nut cake (Epi -1)
Fruit and Nut cake (Epi -1)
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