Starbucks Cinnamon Roll recipe

October 12, 2022

Diet Details Per Serving (16 fl oz)

Calories 510 Calories from Body fat 150 Total Body fat 16g 25% Saturated Fats 10g 50% Trans Body fat 0g Cholesterol 50mg 17% Sodium 250mg 10% Total Carb 87g 29% Soluble Fiber 0g % Sugars 85g Protein 5g Vit A 10% Ascorbic Acid % Calcium 20% Iron % Caffeine 85mg** *Percent Daily Values derive from a couple, 000 calorie diet. **Each caffeine value is definitely an approximate value.
% Daily Value*

Dietary details are calculated according to our standardized quality recipes. Because our drinks are hand made and might be personalized, exact information can vary.

Dietary details are calculated according to our standardized quality recipes. Because our drinks are hand made and might be personalized, exact information can vary. Information is calculated using ESHA Research's Genesis® R&D software, and rounded to satisfy Food and drug administration rules. Data for minerals and vitamins describes number of U.S. Daily Values for any 2Thousand calorie diet. Caffeine details are approximate and is dependant on limited analytical data. Caffeine values reflect our standard brewing techniques they varies in line with the number of the coffee and also the brewing equipment used.

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Cinnamon Rolls / Rosquinha de Canela
Cinnamon Rolls / Rosquinha de Canela
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