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May 27, 2022
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“Worms in Dirt” might not seem appetizing, however the taste of the easy dessert could make you a believer! These chocolate pudding cups are decorated with crushed snacks and gummy earthworms, to create a creepy-crawly treat that children will like to make and eat.
This recipe doesn’t require any cooking and all comes together within fifteen minutes, so it’s the right activity related to youthful assistants on the warm summer’s day. Grab your earthworms and let’s go…
Earthworms in Grime Pudding Cups Recipe


Yield: 8 cups

Prep time: 30 min

  • 1 15-ounce package chocolate sandwich snacks (like Oreos)
  • 1 3.9-ounce package chocolate instant pudding
  • 2 cups cold milk
  • 8 oz . whipped topping (like Awesome Whip)

The very first order of economic when creating “worms in dirt” is, obviously, to help make the grime. Put the chocolate sandwich snacks inside a large zip-top plastic bag, and employ a moving pin to crush them into small pieces. Take it easy about getting rid of the cream filling before putting the snacks within the bag–at first they'll clump together, but because you will always crush them, the cream will blend using the snacks and also you won’t even notice it.
Still crush the snacks within the bag until they're in fine crumbs. A couple of bigger pieces are okay, too–after all, grime is available in different dimensions!
Next, result in the pudding. Pour the dry pudding mix right into a large bowl, adding the cold milk. Whisk everything together until all the dry pudding dissolves and it is smooth and free from protuberances.
Allow the pudding take about a few minutes, until it thickens and it is no more liquid. If her wonderfully gloppy texture of pudding, you’re all set to go on.
Add some whipped topping and roughly 1 / 2 of the cookie crumbs. It's not necessary to determine, just eyeball half the bag and pour it in.
Lightly stir everything together before the streaks of whipped topping disappear, and also the snacks are very well-mixed in to the pudding.
Divide the pudding mixture evenly between eight cups–each should hold just a little over 1/2-cup of pudding. You are able to fill them however you’d like–I prefer to utilize a large frozen treats scoop since i think it’s just a little neater and faster this way.
Tap the cups around the counter top a couple of occasions to level the pudding, then place 3 gummy earthworms in to the pudding and press them lower just a little to ensure that they’re embedded.
Pour the cookie crumbs within the pudding and gummy earthworms to ensure that the whole top is included with “dirt.” Smooth it into a level layer together with your hands.
Your Earthworms in Grime are carried out! This really is this kind of fun and easy recipe to create with kids throughout the summer time! If you wish to make sure they are much more special, you are able to hide the cups in small terra cotta flower containers, or make one large batch inside a large flower pot. Enjoy!

And here’s an easily pin-able image for you personally, with all the step-by-step photos in one location:

  • 24 gummy earthworms
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