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May 3, 2015
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Paper-wrapped Small Sponge Cake Recipe. Soft, cottony, pillowy, and airy, the very best sponge cake EVER, covered with cute paper cups

Prep time:

Prepare time:

Total Time:


5 egg-whites
90g (3 oz) fine sugar (castor sugar)
5 egg yolks, gently beaten
60g (2 oz) cake flour (starch)
15g (.5 oz) corn flour (starch)
60g (2 oz) melted butter

10 computers 7×7 inch parchment paper
10 muffin cup cases

Line the muffin cup cases with parchment papers, put aside.

Mix flours and sieve two times, put aside.

Pre-heat oven to 200C (392F).

Inside a large mixing bowl, beat egg-whites till creamy, add sugar in 3 batches and continue beat till peak form, although not dry.

Lightly fold in beaten egg yolks till well combined.

Paper-wrapped Mini Sponge Cake Recipe. Soft, cottony, pillowy, and airy, the best sponge cake EVER, wrapped in cute paper cups  rasamalaysia.comThen sieved flours, and lightly fold till no trace of flours.

Mixed a couple of tablespoon from the batter with melted butter, then pour to the batter and lightly fold till well combined.

Divide batter in to the paper lined muffin cup cases, 2/3 full.

When the cakes have been in the oven, turn lower temperature to 175C (350F) immediately and bake for 25 minutes or golden brown.

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Recall the small egg cake recipe I published a few several weeks ago? Lots of people left comments and attempted the recipe, and everybody was asking me concerning the that ones reach Asian-style bakery shops.Paper-wrapped Mini Sponge Cake You realize, individuals cute cup-formed cake that's soft, soft, airy, light, and oh-so-proficient at tea time, or the morning meal? Yes, There is your back when i have asked my contributor Clubpenguin Choong to share this small sponge cake recipe along with you.

I really like this small sponge cake greatly. Each time I am going to Asian bakery shops, I'd always get a few these. They aren't greasy, and never too dense, and so i feel less guilty eating them since they're most likely reduced calories (I would be drastically wrong however it seems so). Plus, the paper-wrapped/paper-cup shape is definitely this kind of eye-chocolate, and that i just can’t help picking them up.

Anyway, my contributor Clubpenguin Choong explained that they learned this recipe from the Oriental website. Following a couple of attempts, she's perfected this recipe. After I was home captured, I had been lucky to taste these sponge cakes that they made. These were absolutely wonderful, and taste exactly like those you receive at bakery shops.

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sponge cake
sponge cake
Chinese Sponge Cake Recipe
Chinese Sponge Cake Recipe
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