Blueberry Donuts recipe

April 17, 2021
My parents used to let me get
Oh lookie… I made inflatible donuts again. I’m sooo healthy now.

You realize, I’m kind of annoyed. I truly didn’t even like inflatible donuts before. I am talking about, these were okay, I’d eat them when they looked scrumptious or maybe they were… there, however they just weren't my drug of preference.

Unless of course these were munchkins from Dunkin Inflatible donuts. Ugggghhh… every single day I have a problem with the truth that I wish to plow with the drive-through and order a box of 25 donut holes (okay let’s be truthful – 50 donut holes) and merely

But apparently, I’m a grownup or something like that now, so I am not really supposed to achieve that. Yet another reason I personally don't like as being a developed.

This is actually the part where I demonstrate how dumb I'm.

Plenty of herbal. Plenty of herbal specks flying everywhere. Plenty of steam. And me, with my costly camera held overtop, just pleading for that lens to shatter underneath the warmth.

My hubby is most likely thrilled at this time.

See… I can’t break my camera, because that will mean less cash I must invest in footwear. Or lipgloss! Or books! Or snobby, costly chocolate!

Again, developed stuff stinks. At times I literally think I’d rather sit at nighttime, with no water, so I'm able to spend that cash flippantly on something completely absurd.

But anyway – to me not liking inflatible donuts.

I am talking about, it is not even relevant now, since i stupidly made individuals walnut sausage inflatible donuts and well… '! My existence was over. My donut-disliking existence was over. I essentially screwed myself for those eternity, because now I wish to make homemade inflatible donuts Each And Every WEEKEND. I’m purchasing quart after quart of oil. It’s just… chaos.

Earlier this weekend we dined on blueberry cake inflatible donuts. Clearly. Well, I dined on blueberry cake inflatible donuts, since my hubby was kind of whiney and “didn’t want the calories.” Um what? It didn’t matter though, since i found him silently closet scarfing three of these with a few diet Coke. Apparently inflatible donuts would be the new chocolate nick snacks.

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