Orange Crush Cake recipe

December 25, 2018
Orange Crush Cake with Jello

It’s the simple things in life, I tell ya.

I made this cake last week on a whim. It’s pretty much the same cake recipe as this recipe, which is the same basic cake recipe as this recipe, but instead of using lemon-lime pop like Sprite or 7-Up as the other two do, I used Orange Crush. Except it wasn’t actually Orange Crush. It was Fanta Orange.

Are you confused yet? Because I sure am.

So here’s what happened: I used orange pop instead of lemon-lime pop, and while I thought the finished product was good and all, I didn’t find that it tasted all that different from the original lemon-lime version. It certainly didn’t have an overwhelming, distinctively orange flavor. But then Marlboro Man and my boys sauntered into the kitchen, took a bite of the cake, and declared it one of the best cakes they’ve ever tasted, and they love the orange flavor, and mama, please continue to make this delicious orange cake for the rest of our lives.


Bottom line: This cake is good! Not wildly different from the original, but it’s kind of like choosing between two different pairs of identical-fitting jeans: One with an antique wash, one with a dark wash. It’s just a way to subtly change things up if you’re bored one day!

Add three sticks of butter to the bowl of a mixer.

Yes, I said three sticks.

Yes, I said of butter.

Add three cups of sugar.

Yes, I said three cups.

Yes, I said of sugar.

Okay, I’ll stop now.

Mix it until it’s all combined…

Then, and I didn’t show this because I’m an airhead, crack in 5 eggs, letting each one mix in before adding the next one.

Yes, I said 5 eggs.

Oh, never mind.

Halfway through, scrape the bowl thoroughly…

Then mix it again until it’s all fluffy and marvelous.

Add some flour to a bowl with some salt…

And mix it together.

Then, with the mixer on low, add the flour mixture in increments…

Letting it mix in after each addition.

And now it’s time to party.

Add about 1 cup plus 2 tablespoons of Orange Crush, otherwise known as Fanta Orange, otherwise known as whatever orange soda you can get your mitts on.

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